At Wimbish Primary School, we strive to nurture, enrich and inspire every one of our children. Our aim is for all children to achieve their full potential, regardless of any disadvantage. The aim of our strategy is to remove barriers, making school an exciting place to learn, where children will increase their cultural capital and knowledge and understanding of the world. 

Our Pupil Premium Strategy strives to ensure high quality teaching takes place across the school and appropriate resources and training is embedded to ensure this can occur. We pride ourselves on the understanding all our staff have about disadvantage and that it is everyone’s responsibility to close the gaps these children may have.

We understand that all children are different, and as a result, have different needs and barriers. Due to this, as well as ensuring school is an enriching environment for all children, our Pupil Premium children also receive bespoke support based on their individual needs. 

We believe communication with families is an important way to support our children, so ensure families feel welcome in school and are encouraged to discuss any barriers they may have to help their children at home. 

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