At Wimbish Primary Academy, children are encouraged to take risks, be brave and be proud of their art work. They take inspiration from important and famous artists, analysing their work carefully and practise the key skills shown by the artist. These are built up over time in their sketch book and children integrate these skills and techniques into their own final piece at the end of the unit.

The use of subject specific vocabulary is important during art lessons – it plays a key role in enabling children to talk about the work of themselves and others with confidence. Art contributes to children’s personal development in many ways: creativity, independence, judgement and self-evaluation. The children are taught that there are always things to be proud of and things that could be improved in their work and they take ownership of this from a young age.

Our aim is to develop a love of art that stays with them for many years after they have left education.

Arts Council England 

Anglian Learning have a Memorandum of Understanding with Arts Council England and the innovative curriculum will include a focus on arts subjects to support children’s cognitive skills and excitement in learning. 

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