iPad Reveal!

For the past term and a half, we have borrowed 10 ipads from Meadow to use with our pupils. We have seen the huge benefits of these and we are delighted to announce that we revealed to the pupils that we have purchased sets of Apple iPads for the school. We have also purchased cases with built-in keyboards to support typing and pencils that the pupils can use to write and draw on the screen too. We have bought enough ipads for all of Willow Class and Birch Class to have one each to use in school, allocated to them personally (with the hope in the very near future that these may be taken home for homework usage as well) and for Oak Class to have a number for sharing in the classroom. To celebrate this exciting new investment we welcomed the local press into school for the big reveal.

It was wonderful to see the delight on pupils’ faces when the iPads were revealed. We now look forward to reviewing how these devices not only benefit pupils but our teaching and support staff, too. In addition to supporting academic growth, the iPads will enable teachers to create individual learning styles, promoting a more inclusive and responsive educational approach.

Here are a few photos of the pupils enjoying using the iPads.



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Wimbish Primary Academy, Tye Green, Wimbish, Saffron Walden, Essex, CB10 2XE

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