Here’s what our pupils got up to for World Book Day.

Oak Class

Oh no disaster in Oak the rabbits needed rescuing from the flood but we couldn’t step in the flood because they had taken our wellies and waterproofs with them, thank goodness we are so good at working together to find a solution just like the characters in ‘Flooded’. We used our problem solving skills, our communication skills and strength to build a bridge across, but then we were stuck all on the bridge so we had to work together to pass all the wellies and rabbits back!! Thankfully we did it and no animals or children were harmed in the process…

Inside we designed funky welly boots and built boats to rescue animals and people from the flood.

Willow Class

Willow class have explored and analysed a book called ‘Flooded’, which is being used by all classes throughout the school. We first explored why World Book Day is important, and what reading means to us. One fabulous answer to this question was: “Reading makes me feel joyful because I can explore new universes!”

We created an acrostic poem using the title of the book, ‘Flooded’, and it has been lovely to see all the different ideas and writing styles from the children. We delved deeper into the underlying meaning of the book and had a lovely class discussion about why it is important to tell people our problems. 

In the afternoon, we re-read the book and designed our dream pair of wellies! The children were allowed to use any colours they liked, install tools or gadgets, and we came up with some very creative ideas!

Birch Class

Birch Class produces some amazing watercolor paintings.



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